Shinbone Creative – Digital Illustration, Character Design and Designer Toys

Who We Are and What We Do

Shinbone Creative focuses on producing the very best digital illustration and character design. We also design and produce designer toys, vinyl toys, resin toys, and fine art collectibles.

We’ve collected a small team of great designers and 3d modelers from across the country and around the world. With backgrounds in animation, comic books, film and TV, they’re a tough group to stump, and no project is too challenging for them. They’re young, energetic and can go all night, creating fantastic mascots, engaging 3d digital illustrations, and fun-filled designer toys.

Shinbone Creative has worked with many wonderful clients, including Nolin BBDO, Young & Rubicam and Saatchi & Saatchi, GM, LG, Knorr, MTV Canada, MTV Latin America, Nike, Blizzard Entertainment, Chris Ryniak, Jonathan Bergeron, Toy Punks, Reckless Toys, Mattel, Hasbro and DC Direct.

Digital Illustration – Learn More

We continue to push boundaries with our deviously imaginative computer graphic imagery. From the surreal to the hyper-real, we’ve worked on a wide range of projects, from advertising to children’s books to video games.

Character Design – Learn More

We’ve designed attractive characters and mascots for global advertising campaigns and indie iOS/Android video games. No matter how small, or large, or fuzzy, we can put together the perfect character for your project.

Designer Toys – Learn More

Shinbone Creative has worked with toy designers, comic book artists, game developers and Fortune 500 companies to make an army of engaging designer toys. Occasionally bizarre, always exceptional, these toys have grabbed the attention of fans across the map.

Collectibles – Learn More

What’s the difference between a collectible and a designer toy? A collectible can also be based on a comic book license, a movie, a video game or the work of a fine artist, cartoonist or illustrator. Unlike a vinyl toy, however, a collectible is often made of resin, and isn’t articulated. Busts, statues, and coins are all collectibles.

Vinyl Toys – Learn More

Vinyl toys deserve a special mention, since they are popular, affordable and always sought after by fans. Many designers contact us, with the desire to break into the vinyl toy marketplace, and we’re more than happy to help set them on the path. We can produce a run of figures from 300-3000 or more. We can digitally sculpt a character from a napkin doodle or a finely executed set of turnarounds. Lately, we’ve been helping a number of designers set up and succeed at their Kickstarter campaigns, by sculpting and rendering their vinyl toys for promotion and marketing.

Recent Work